" NABH Accredited Hospital "

First in India
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty for treatment of complicated asthma cases.
  • Kinevo 900 high-resolution operating microscope to reach inaccessible areas in the brain for complex neurosurgery.
  • Broncus (Bronchoscopic Navigation) - first time in Corporate India
  • CAPI (Centre for Advanced Pulmonary Intervention)
First in South India
  • O-arm - The latest intraoperative CT along with integrated computer - aided navigation technology to facilitate advanced Neuro & Spine surgery.
  • NIR - enabled laparoscopy system to view critical anatomy to perform complex surgeries
  • All beds of the critical care units are self-contained with advanced monitoring systems. which are networked to a central monitor and also linked by an automated vitals charting system (ICCA). This facility aims at administering personalised and targeted intensive care for speedy recovery.
First in the Region
  • The critical care units have been specially designed to prevent cross contamination and dreadful infection.
  • Fully equipped trauma ambulance with online patient monitoring by base ICU.
  • Fully - integrated modular voice enabled operation theatre, radial probe for EBUS, IVUS, 5D ultrasound, latest generation MRI, ECMO etc.,
  • True beam STX for high precision radiotherapy
  • Drug and poison information centre
  • First hospital to be recognized with NABH Safe - I for best infection control Practices
  • Authorized hospital of Materiovigilance Programme of India ( MvPI ) for south Tamilnadu.
  • Senographe Pristina - Digital Mammography
  • HBOT-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy