Dr.Kirubanand Jaganathan
Consultant Urologist & Laparoscopic Urological Surgeon
  • Department Urology
  • Degrees MS, MRCSEd, MCh (Uro), DNB (Uro), FRCS (Urol).,
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  • FRCS(Urol) - Intercollegiate Speciality Board, UK 2010
  • Mch(Genito-urinary surgery) - Stanley medical college, Chennai (2002-2005) -Tamilnadu Dr MGR medical university
  • Diplomate in National Board - National Board of Examinations, Newdelhi (Genito-urinary surgery)
  • MRCSEd - The Royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
  • MS(Gen Surgery) - Kasturba medical college, Mangalore.(1998-2000) Manipal academy of higher education
  • MBBS - Madras Medical college, Chennai (1991-1997)
  • Fellowship in Laparascopic urology – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Preston, UK. 2011
  • Clinical Fellow in Renal Transplantation Surgery – St Georges NHS Trust, -London. 2014

I have 15 years of experience in urology including 10 years iin UK. I have worked in various sub-specialities in urology during my tenure in UK including 1 year of Fellowship in Laparascopic urology at a tertiary teaching hospital in UK. I have worked as a Consultant urologist in UK for 4 years before moving to India in 2015.

I strive to maintain high standards in my clinical, operative and administrative practice.

I try to provide holistic, patient centered care with specific regards to the emotional support.

  • Tamilnadu Medical council – Reg No : 59528
  • Urological Society of India – Membership No – J160
  • Member of Indian Medical Association- Coimbatore chapter
  • General Medical council, London, UK.
  • British Association of Urological surgeons
Special areas of Interest
  • Endo-Urology
  • Laparascopic Urology
  • Uro-oncology
  • Renal Transplantation surgery
  • Reconstructive Urology
Awards and Recognitions

1.Current manangement strategies for Testicular microlithiasis –a review. Kirubanand Jaganathan, Alastair Henderson, Shwan Ahmed, Abhay Rane Published in Nature-clinical practice urology sept 2007

2. Hand assited Laparascopic radical nephrectomy for renal cell cancer with renal vein thrombus - Alastair Henderson Declan Murphy, Kirubanand Jaganathan, William Roberts, Stuart Wolf Jr., Abhay Rane. –Published in Urology Aug 2008 Vol 72 Issue 2 268-272

3. Leiomyosarcoma of Para testicular tissue –a case report. Erel Diaz, Shivanand Prabhu, Kirubanand KJ , Indian journal of urology March 2001;17(2) 186-188

Published abstracts

1. Henderson A, Jaganathan K, Murphy D, Roberts WW, Wolf JS, Rane AM. Hand assisted Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy: A Safe Treatment option for T3B Renal cell carcinoma. World congress of Endourology 2006. ‘Outstanding abstract’ presented in virtual poster auditorium- Abstracted to Journal of Endourology 2006

2. George P Abraham, Kirubanand K Jaganathan, Sanal Varghese, OS Thampan, Terminal hand assited Laparascopic donor nephrectomy World congress of Endo-Urology, Cleveland- Aug 2006 - Abstracted to Journal of Endo-urology 2006 volume 20(supplement 1)

Presentation to International Meetings

1. Multiple renal arteries in Live donor transplants- Radiological estimation of volume of kidney supplied by each artery compared with intra-operative assessment and graft outcome – Kirubanand Jaganathan, Amro Elboushi, Atul Bagul, St George’s NHS Trust –Presented in British transplant society annual congress, Bournemouth Mar 2015

2. Renal artery embolization before Laparascopic radical nephrectomy for large renal tumours – Goy YL, Kirubanand Jaganathan, Shyam matanhelia – Poster presented at ‘European multidisciplinary meeting on urological cancers’ Lisbon Nov 2014

3. Managing distal ureter in Laparascopic radical nephro-ureterectomy – Our technique - Kirubanand Jaganathan, Max Mokete, Shyam Matanhelia -Lancashire teaching hospitals NHS trust- Presented in South zone-urological society of India annual conference 8-10 th July 2011 at Mahabalipuram, Chennai

3. Intra-vesical botulinum toxin in overactive bladder - Botox vs Dysport clinical efficacy and cost efffectiveness - Dysport is similar in clinical efficacy and significantly cost effective in UK setting compared to Botox – Ms Katie moore, R Robinson, K Jaganathan, A Haq - Poster presented at International continence society meeting(ICS) Toronto Aug 2010

4. Peri-prostatic anaesthesia for prostatic biopsy- Does site and prostatic length matters? Sezhian K, Jaganathan K, Sambandham G, Suresh G - Poster presented in ‘Embracing excellence in urological cancers’- European urology meeting, Nov 2-4 2007 Barcelona

5. Henderson A, Murphy D, Jaganathan K, Roberts WW, Wolf JS, Rane AM. Hand assisted Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy: A safe treatment option for T3b Renal cell carcinoma. - ‘Outstanding abstract’ presented in virtual poster auditorium in World congress of endo-urology 2006

Presentations to National Meetings

Simulator based training for acquiring and advancing laparoscopic skills: validation study of the integrated simulator – I-Sim - Paras B Singh, Mark Hossain, Kirubanand Jaganathan, Francis L Martin, Moketsi Mokete, S Matanhelia Lancashire teaching hospitals NHS foundation trust, Preston, UK - Poster presented at ALSGBI- October 2008 at Essex, UK.

Presentations in conferences in India

Ideas and Innovations paper: “Ureteroscopic stenting without pusher catheter- Stanley technique” presented at TAPASUCON-2004., Tiruchy (Tamilnadu& Pondicherry association of urologist’s conference)

“Instillation of Povidone Iodine to prevent lymphocele formation following Renal Transplantation” presented at SZ-USICON-2004, Vijayawada

“Ureteroscopic management of Upper ureteric calculus- our experience” presented at TAPASUCON-2003 ,Kanyakumari.,

“Laparoscopic radical nephrectomies – Analysis of 50 cases” presented at SZ USICON 2005, Bangalore.

“Retroperitoneoscopic ureterolithotomy” – our experience. Presented at SZ-USICON 2005, Bangalore.

“Laparascopic uretero-ureterostomy for Retro-caval ureter “ Presented at TAPASUCON- 2005 , Coutrallam.

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