The Speciality department of Medical Endocrinology carries out following activities:

* Outpatient consultation for various endocrine disorders including Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid disorders, Adrenal diseases, Parathyroid and bone mineral disorders, Reproductive endocrinology and Pituitary disorders.

* Performing dynamic tests in the evaluation of various endocrine diseases including Growth hormone suppression after glucose load, Insulin induced hypoglycemia combined pituitary stimulation in suspected hypopituitarism, ACTH stimulation test, dexamethasone suppression tests, calculation of tubular reabsorption of phosphate, vitamin D challenge test in normocalcemic hyperparathyroidism, GnRH stimulation test in precocious puberty, hCG stimulation test in hypogonadism and 72-hour prolonged fast for evaluation of hypoglycemia., and evaluating Bone mineral density.

* Education of patients with diabetes mellitus with regard to their disease, foot care, and Insulin therapy including acquaintance with various Insulin preparations, and technique of Insulin administration. The department has dedicated and qualified diabetes educator who help patient in self management of diabetes.

* Inpatient consultation for endocrine disorders in various medical and surgical patients.

* Emergency interventions including management of diabetic ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome, acute adrenal crisis, myxedema coma and disorders of electrolyte imbalance.

* Our endocrinology laboratory is equipped with facilities for estimation of various steroid and peptide hormones with unmatched quality and precision. The Department activities also includes:

Teaching postgraduate medical students, physiotherapy graduates, and postgraduate Nursing students.

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