Anaesthesia scope of service


Perioperative Care involves the right choice of patient for a surgical procedure, appropriate optimization prior to surgery, anaesthetic inputs at surgery to reduce the patients physiological stress and good post operative care until discharge.This is seemingly simple but inherently complex process that is essential for good patient outcome. Application of evidence based scientific principles with an ethical and patient centred approach forms the basis of perioperative care, which requires a team of like minded professionals with a common goal aimed at the “patient and only the patient”.

Our vision

  • To provide Perioperative and Pain care services to the needy people.
  • to ensure adequate safety precautions and infection control at all three levels of perioperative care
  • to promote safe techniques,effective use of skilled resources
  • helping in early diagnosis and management of perioperative complications
  • early, effective and timely communication at all levels of patient care
  • to acquire and update our scientific knowledge periodically
  • teaching paramedical staff for a betterment in patient care
  • effective pain care services at all levels(including chronic pain)

Our team with vast experience in anaesthesia,critical care and pain management are offering the best of ethical and scientific perioperative services namely preoperative evaluation and optimization, intra operative anaesthetic services,post operative care for all surgical services.

We are offering the following Services.

  • Anaesthesia for GI surgery(Open & Laparascopic)
  • Anaesthesia for Bariatric procedures,Endogynecology(Lap)
  • Anaesthesia for Transplant Surgeries and Joint replacement and spine surgeries
  • Anaesthesia for Obstetrics(including painless labour)
  • Neuro surgical anaesthesia(Tumour,Trauma,Aneurysmal Surgeries with Neuro Muscular monitoring
  • Plastic,ENT,Orthopaedic,Paediatric and neonatal surgeries,Onco and Head and Neck Surgeries
  • Anaesthesia for complex polytrauma victims
  • Our Cardiac division takes care of all complicated cardio thoracic cases including CABG,Valve replacement,Congenital heart disease and lung surgeries.
  • Day care Anaesthesia
  • Anaesthesia services in peripheral areas(Interventional Pulmonology, Interventional Radiology,Gastroenterology and MRI)

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