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The need for a holistic approach when dealing with children with special needs is not a new thought. In spite of the need in society to look after these children, centers like this are few in Tamil Nadu. Even if they do exist, the quality of care and ambiance of the place are often questionable. Keeping these objectives in mind, Royal Care Child Developmental Centre for children began its journey. Our greatest desire is to provide accurate assessments and therapy for any child who approaches for help. We are categorically working towards our goals of increasing awareness about developmental issues in children in the community and showing how positive outcomes are possible if help is taken at the opportune time.

At Royal Care Child Developmental Centre, we are striving towards making every therapy session to be interactive with the parents. Parent intervention and participation are the only ways to enable the success of any programme for children. Our charges are affordable, thus, enabling families to access quality treatment in a child-friendly setting. We are looking forward that this will encourage people to seek help at the earliest and continue providing the help as long as their children require it.

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